The Origin of DumpsterSquirrel

It was the Spring of 2018 and I was getting close to wrapping up my shift as a Uber driver. I get the ping to go get a guy at his place. He gets in the back and I start the trip and see that we are headed to the hospital. I take my customer service very serious and always strike up a conversation to gage where people are at.

ME---Hey I see that we are headed to the hospital, hope everything is OK?

PASSENGER---I'll just cut to the chase, I got bit by a dumpster squirrel earlier today

So the story goes that he gets to work at 2pm. He works in a kitchen in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. I've worked in a kitchen, you don't get to leave the kitchen for the night unless you are on deaths door. I think this is a pretty well known fact in the industry.

His standard routine is to take the garbage out immediately upon arrival. So he grabs the garbage from the morning and proceeds to take it out back. He swings open the door and heads to the dumpster. No big deal, just one lone squirrel sitting on the edge of the dumpster.

You would think that as you approached a squirrel it would scatter? But things were different today. As he goes to heave the bag, the squirrel lunges at him.